The history of St. Tropez

For over a decade, St. Tropez has been providing the best spray tan products to salon professionals and consumers everywhere.  Before they created the best spray tan, consumers were forced to use less than desirable products.  Legs were orange, hands left sticky from lotions and streaks were found up and down legs all over the world but, in 1996 the spray tan world was revolutionized.  Using St. Tropez will leave your skin looking healthy with a natural glowing tan.

Their products are based with aloe vera leaving your skin moisturised & nourished.  Your skin will glow with their professional spray tanning applications.  They are dedicated to making people everywhere look bronzed and flawless ó without exposure to harmful UV rays.

What makes St. Tropez so unique?

As the leader in the market, St. Tropez is by far the best spray tan brand available. They provide an affordable way to have high quality, sun kissed, streak free skin. St. Tropez doesnít offer just one product but a number of perfect solutions to making you look your best. Their product line includes bronzing lotions, skin illuminators, bronzing powder & more. Youíre sure to find the perfect way to apply your sunless tan. If you have sensitive skin, youíre in luck! With their Naturals product line, you too can have luminous skin.

St. Tropez understands that the best spray tans donít stop with just one application.  They offer Tan Optimisers to treat your tan before and after applying giving you a longer-lasting glow.  For this reason, celebrities all over the world are raving about St. Tropez.  Claiming to have received the best tan theyíve ever had, celebs canít get enough of St. Tropez.

When deciding which spray tan brand to choose, donít forget the name St. Tropez.  Dedicated to make the world beautiful and sun-kissed one leg at a time.

 About DHA

Scientifically known as dihydroxyacetone, DHA is also known as glycerone. It is classified as a simple carbohydrate or a 3-carbon sugar. It is derived from plant sources such as sugar canes, beets, and sugar, combined with the fermentation of glycerin. Primarily used as one of the ingredients in various sunless tanning products, DHA is a TGA-approved cosmetic colourant for external application only.

How DHA works in spray tan solutions

When a spray tan solution that contains dihydroxyacetone is applied to the skin, a chemical reaction takes place between the outermost layer of the skin, which is known as strateum corneum, and the amino acids to produce a brown colour. Considered a non-carcinogenic and non-toxic ingredient, DHA tanning is the safest sunless tanning method compared to other external cosmetic solutions. Though, it has been known to provide a small protective effect against the UV rays of the sun, it is still highly recommended to wear sunscreen lotions when using this product.

Effectiveness and results

The effects of DHA tanning typically appear within an hour after applying the spray tan solution. Depending on the amount of the DHA tanning content and other ingredients of the spray tan solution, the maximum colour develops from 5 to 24 hours after the spray tan application. The longevity of the tan result may vary from one person to the other, depending on a personís skin renewal cycle. Typically, the artificial tan will last for 5 to 7 days.